How it Works

  1. Complete a registration form: your contact information and profile, when and where you’re available to tutor, your price range, where you teach, what subjects you teach and what subjects you tutor.
  2. When parents request a tutor, we send them profiles of teachers who match what they are looking for. The profile includes a descriptive profile you compose, where you teach and when you're available to tutor. It does not include your name or contact information.
  3. When the parent selects the tutor they want to start working with, we connect them with you for a detailed discussion about what they're looking for and to schedule the first session.
  4. After the first session, we send the parent an invoice for our $100 match fee. This is the only payment a parent makes to us. They pay you directly for tutoring sessions.
  5. You start a relationship with a new student.

It’s that simple. Ready to get started?